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The Bob Pony Wiki is currently under construction because of incomplete articles. Please send your feedback here and on their talk pages.


The resources page is found here.

Please set $wgLogo to the new logo I uploaded. --LeonardoIannelliPAUSEWATCHHISTORY (talk)


Job completed.


So it is now kind of complete. What next? The Media Viewer? And, Can you please upload your collection of Windows ISOs you retrieved from Fookyoogle but don't elaborate on that because fookyoogle to your FTP server for so we can download it? Hovercards? Maybe even the Visual Editor? LeonardoIannelliPAUSEWATCHHISTORY (talk)

Fixed second paragraph

Well, welcome to the wiki. It may seem confusing at first. But hey, you'll get used to it and know how everything works around here. But I do have two important rules, it's to be "non-offensive" and no vandalism to other wikis. Not obeying/following the main important rules will result in getting your account permanently removed from the Bob Pony wiki. As long you follow the two rules, you'll be done so don't worry. Anyway, go make an account on the Bob Pony wiki. It will also make it easier to talk with people and get awards, reputation, or credit for work. To create an account, simply go to the top right of any wiki page and register there. For help, please visit Help Contents.

Please replace it with the above! Thanks.